What is in Your Beach Beauty Bag?

Leaving the house without makeup is not a problem for me.  It is a normal everyday thing, even to work!  I have nothing against makeup, actually I envy those who can wear a beat face.  To tell the truth I just suck at applying it.  Ever tried writing with your non-dominant hand?  Can you say hot mess?  That’s what I look like when I try to do a full face look.

I like to keep it simple, light and airy.  So a beach face is the best look for me to apply.  To make sure I don’t overdo it, I only keep a few things in my tiny beach makeup bag. I like to apply a little mascara to the top and bottom lashes, Maybelline’s Full ‘N Soft Mascara works wonders for my tightly curled lashes.  For an easy to apply lippie, I love NARS Lip Pencils in velvet matte or satin. The pencil easily glides on your lips and the vibrant color is great for an extra added pop.  The shimmery brown and gold in the The Two Faced Full Frontal Eyeshadow Duo is perfect to add a little depth with a beachy bronzed glow.  I just use my fingers to apply. An Essie Come Here nail polish in case my polish chips, Versace Bright Crystal to smell delightful, shades, my favorite Alex and Ani compass bracelet and my makeup bag is set!


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