Papaya Body Scrub


When I want a natural exfoliant I turn to papaya. There is a misconception that there has to be something grainy or gritty in the product in order to exfoliate the skin, but that is far from true. Papaya has a natural enzyme called papain that gently removes dead skin, which makes it an awesome exfoliant. I notice my face feels amazingly soft after use as well. 

Almost two years ago I had a severe breakout that lasted over a year. To this day I do not know the cause. I sure was singing India Aire ” I am not my hair I am not my skin I am the soul that lives within.” But using papaya as an exfoliant was a method I tried and I believe it helped with my blemishes. I used it about twice a month, which is not very often because too much exfoliation can worsen your skin condition. I incorporated it into my nightly routine when bumps were not as present and I had a lot of scaring.

The recipe below does contain salt for those who like to feel something textured against their skin, but you definitely don’t have to include it. Also note that I add oil when using for skin other than my face. Not against oil on my face, just not for this purpose.

Bad breakout or not, if you are looking for improved skin tone to have it ready for that sun kissed glow on your next tropical trip, Try out this scrub!


1 papaya cut up (seeds removed) 

1/2 cup sea salt

1-2 tablespoons olive oil ( I only use oil for body scrub not on my face when acne was present)

Cut papaya in chunks and add to blender. Blend till just smooth

Add sea salt to mixture ( I add oil to a separate container to make the body scrub)

Apply to body and GENTLY massage.

Wash with cool water, pat dry and moisturize.

**half the ingredients if you don’t want too much left over. Test out on a small portions of your skin before use.

Happy Exfoliating!

– Xo


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