A Time in the Bahamas

I went to Nassau, Bahamas a few years ago, but at times it feels like yesterday. As soon as I think back on rides in the Jitney Buses to and from town, the Straw Market, water slides at the Atlantis, or partying the night away outside while it’s raining, I’m immediately back in paradise.

I remember when I first landed in Nassau it was raining so hard I had to double check with the flight attendant to make sure we were in the right place. It’s funny how one forgets it does rain in the Caribbean too. But this rain was mad at somebody. Then the lightening started. I just sat there all alone in the hotel room, no electricity, no way to call anyone, wondering when this would stop! The rest of my family arrived in the evening just smiling and as happy as can be, not knowing what I experienced for half the day in a place I’m unfamiliar with. And by the way, I was starving. Humph. 

Although it started out rough, I had no complaints moving forward.  Good food, good drinks, positive vibes, easy transportation, jet skis, shopping, casinos, water slides, nightlife…I can definitely call Nassau, Bahamas my happy place, well one of them. 



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