2017 Travel Wish List

It is so difficult to plan travel due to having a fulltime job where I am not the boss. Vacation requests have to be approved and sometimes you have to wait and wait and wait. To add to this frustration, my husband is also in the same position if not worse.  My vacation requests may get approved in a couple weeks, whereas his could take months! But hey, until our situation changes we must make the most of it and keep the positive thoughts flowing.  Even though we currently aren’t in control of our time off, it won’t stop me from dreaming.  There are so many places I’d love to go and explore, so I am going to practice speaking it into existence.  So, with a dash of hope and a sprinkle of reality, here is my travel wish list for 2017:



(photo by me)

Barbados is a second home to me as I have been several times since meeting my husband there almost 5 years ago. We try to go back at least once a year, but this year we are aiming for two trips!  There is so much to do and so many people to visit, once is just not enough.



(photo by: Dan. E TripAdvisor Review)

I have been trying to get here for years!  I was originally supposed to go with family back in 2007, so my great-grandmother could show us her town of birth and reminisce on her childhood, but she passed that same year.  We never really talked about a trip there since, but my longing to visit Panama has never faded.



(photo by: Los Cabos Guide)

Shame on me! Mexico is pretty much in my backyard and I’ve only been to Tijuana (I know…don’t judge me).  This should be fairly simple for me to accomplish since this is the potential destination for a bachelorette party  and the wedding location for some close friends of mine this year.



(photo by: Fiji Travel)

Beautiful beautiful Fiji.  I probably need to pray on this trip a little more than the others since it is so far and I hate being in planes for long periods of time.  I have two very good friends that are from Fiji that will be heading home this year and I do hope to join them.



(photo by: Time Out)

I’ve been to Miami once for about 3 days, but never with my husband.  I think it’s just one of those places you have to say you’ve visited if you are not from the United States. I’m thinking Memorial Day weekend….?

New York


(photo by me)

So, I took my husband to New York for the first time this past August and he loved it.  When I say love, I mean a deep-down fire and desire type of love.  He hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  I think it’s only fair we visit again.

That’s it! Hopefully I can squeeze in some weekend trips here and there, but these are the locations that will require a little planning and the dreaded vacation request form.  But I’m staying positive that they WILL happen.

Where is 2017 taking you?



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