Matcha Love

I recently got addicted to Matcha and I don’t know how to quit! My first Matcha experience was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I love their ice blended drinks and on the hunt for something green, I noticed the Matcha flavor. I expected the taste to be bland, but it was heavenly. Then I tried the Matcha tea latte (with almond milk of course) and…this is where the true addiction started. Everywhere I go I’m asking for Matcha lattes. Granted the tastes have varied greatly, but overall it’s currently my favorite tea to order when I go out.

I recently went to Tiago Coffee Bar and Kitchen in Hollywood and again was on the hunt for Matcha. They don’t have a huge tea selection, which was expected due to their name, but to my surprise I quickly spotted their Agave Matcha Latte. I also ordered their Lemon Chicken Wrap and it was delicious. I would definitely go back!

What beverage are you addicted to? Let me know what else I should try!



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