ArtSplash Barbados

I love a good smoothie! Not too thick and clumpy not too runny. A nice smooth smoothie. Although I have a current favorite smoothie spot ( I’ll save that for another post) I enjoy trying new places. I appreciate the creativity from shop to shop as it inspires me to add a twist when I make my own at home.

When in Barbados, I’ve always gone to ArtSplash for fresh juices, so I can drink my greens and spend the rest of the day eating meals with no sign of anything green… horrible I know. I don’t know why I never tried a smoothie at ArtSplash, but while passing it one morning I decided to give it a go. I had the Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie that contains oats, flax seed, blueberries, banana, honey, and almond milk…soooo good! I drank it like water and was mad when I realized it was gone. There are so many other tasty options to try like the Sour Sop Pop, Health Buzz, and Monkey Business I cannot wait to go back and try.

I love the interior. It’s very playful, light, and fresh. They also have a farmers market a few times a week and if you want to take your smoothie to go just walk across the street and enjoy a lovely view of the sea.

They also have breakfast items and other light eats like avocado toast! There’s so much more to this place you’ll have to check it out for yourself. Click here

Do you search for smoothie shops while aboard?



4 thoughts on “ArtSplash Barbados

      1. I’m not sure. I’m not really working right now (very part-time, along with some freelance writing), but I am definitely targeting another long-term stay in September 2018.


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