A Gloomy Los Angeles


Faux Fur Coat: Heavenly Couture / Shoes: Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse / Top & Pants: Can’t remember 😦

It never rains in Southern California is a thing of the past.  The weather in Los Angeles has been too gloomy for my liking.  I honestly don’t own many coats or boots and I don’t plan on buying any additional.  I refuse to admit it has consistently been around 60 degrees and I’m wishfully waiting for the sun to shine.  Although I would have rather had my toes in the sand while soaking up some sun rays this weekend, my husband and I just ran some errands, went to see a movie, finally made it to the gym, and ate at a buffet that we both now regret.

There are quite a few things I need to accomplish this week and reevaluating my goals in general is one of them.  I told myself I would do something each day that brings me closer to my goals and now, almost three months into the new year, there are a few things I haven’t gotten to.  So, I either need to work a bit harder or really ask myself if it’s still important to me at this time.

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!



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