Essential Oils For Life

You may know essential oils to be commonly used in cosmetics and perfumes, but they also make a great impact in haircare, medicine, and can have a therapeutic effect. Each oil has its own unique benefit from improving your mood and memory, to calming, cooling, alleviating effects, and so much more. The fact that these oils are naturally derived from plants, does not make them completely safe to use however you please. Many oils can only be applied topically and must also be diluted.

Here is a quick list of oils that can be used for common issues:

Headache – Peppermint oil is commonly used to treat headaches or migraines due to its ability to help relax muscles, stimulate blood flow, and it’s long lasting cooling effect.

Cough – Frankincense oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent properties that make it effective in fighting cold symptoms.

Calming – Lavender oil, considered a nervous system restorative, has a calming and relaxing effect that helps with inner peace.

Energizing – Orange oil has a powerful uplifting aroma that creates a sense of happiness.

Hair Growth – Cedarwood stimulates the hair follicles stimulating hair growth and slowing down hair loss.

Acne – Tea Tree oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial abilities that help cleanse the skin.

There are several oils that help with similar issues and combination blends that can really make a powerful impact. Some oils can be applied topically while others are best when used with steam treatments or aromatherapy.

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To learn more about oil uses and oil blend recipes click here.



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