Why You Need to Ride the WEYV!

I don’t know about you, but when I find a station on a music streaming service that just gets me, I am loyal. I’ve been through instances when working out where my hip hop station will turn 90’s slow jams every other song and it literally messes up my entire mood. I know, a bit dramatic right? You can imagine my hesitation when I decided to try out WEYV. Besides never hearing of the app, the thought of having to search station after station that would give me the vibes I’m looking for was a daunting thought process. But oh how I was surprised. WEYV is an ad-free, yes ad-free, subscription based app that allows you to not only listen to music, but read magazines at the same time! I’m definitely the chill on the couch while reading while watching tv while listening to music type gal and with their visual content coming soon, with WEYV you can do one or all of those things. It’s totally up to you. You will find a wide variety of magazine like Shape, Travel & Leisure, In-Style and People; definitely some of my faves.

Stations that throw off my workout vibes… a thing of the past. You can pick and chose from songs and albums and create your own playlists. They even provide suggested songs and have several ways to search for music. Sometimes I find myself getting so caught up creating a playlist before my workout, that my workout may or may not happen ha-ha!

One feature that I am very excited to use is the offline feature. With a few upcoming trips, my plane rides are going to seem quicker than ever.

I can go on and on about the WEYV app! There are so many capabilities that you will have to try for yourself. From creating reading lists, sending articles to other users and sharing playlists through the app and on social media. Another thing to note is you can have multiple users on one account, which is great if you have a family or even friends you want to share with.

One of the most unique aspects and what I appreciate about this company is that they are all for paying it forward by using a percentage of their net revenue to make donations to charities.

WEYV has definitely raised the bar and is absolutely worth checking out. How can you say no when the trial is free? Use the code: MAKEWEYVS18 to get a 2 month free subscription.

Let me know if you ride the WEYV!



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