3 Things to Love About “Clean” Makeup

Let’s face it. Makeup is not going anywhere. There are a wide variety of brands to choose from in prices that are affordable to almost all. Most of the time we are so focused on matching our skin tone and choosing colors that complement our eyes, that we fail to look at the ingredients we are putting on our skin. With personal care ingredients being so loosely regulated there are a number of reasons to choose more natural “clean” beauty brands.

Less harmful ingredients

Clean brands are usually free of parabens, triclocarben, BHA, and many other toxic chemical compounds that are a danger to our skin and health. My general rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce it don’t use it. Clean brands usually have more plant based ingredients and tell you where they derived on the packaging. It eliminates a lot of the guess work.

Options are readily available

It seems like every month I’m discovering a new line of makeup that has an emphasis on being organic or vegan or cruelty free. Even as I visit stores like Ulta I see brands such as Juice Beauty and Pür Cosmetics. I also discovered Credo Beauty which is a store that is all about clean and safe ingredients. If you don’t want to spend hours reading ingredient labels searching for safer products, this is your spot to shop. Even Target is expanding their natural makeup offerings and is where I discovered Pacifica Beauty.

Improved skin tone

Now this may just be a personal testimony, but since being more conscious about the foundation I use on my face, I’ve noticed less breakouts and my dark spots are fading. Perhaps it’s the safer ingredients that are more gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause it to dry out.

When it comes to beauty products we should be just as picky as we are with our food. What we put on and in your body is so important and contributes to our health…even if it is just on our face. I’m loving that clean products are becoming readily available giving us the option to choose safety and beauty at the same time.



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