What to Eat to Repair Your Skin

With all the products on the market that will aid in clearing the skin, minimize breakouts, brighten dark spots, and pretty much fix your life, it’s easy to forget what we can do internally to assist in the process. I know we’ve all heard the term you are what you eat, which has several meanings, but when it comes to keeping a clear complexion it can’t be any closer to the truth.

Have you ever noticed when you eat candy the next day you get a pimple, or when you eat a lot of dairy your skin looks dull? The food we eat effects us all in different ways, so when you notice your skin slippin’ up, take a look at what you ate over the past few days. Chances are you’ll see a pattern and be able to make some adjustments.

A couple months ago I began eating fruit and vegetables first thing in the morning. I did this primarily to not let the day go by without these nutritious snacks, but also because I was trying to eat lighter meals to determine if this would help me feel more energized throughout the day. When I did this I not only discovered that I didn’t get tired as quickly, I also noticed a change in my skin. I couple weeks went by and I didn’t break out at all.

The foods I ate can also be applied topically in a variety of ways and can be natural alternatives to toners, brightening creams, and help reduce wrinkles, but I gave myself some internal love. Every morning I had a bowl of mixed fruits and leafy greens or put ‘em in the blender with ice, a little water and was on my way. So simple! Although my initial goal was all about increasing my energy, I’m glad I implemented these foods into my diet and my skin is thanking me for it.

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Since the water content in watermelon is so high, it’s an awesome way to stay hydrated and also hydrate your skin and keeps it moisturized.


The K, C, and B vitamins in cantaloupe helps to rejuvenate the skin. It also has a high water content, which like watermelon, helps hydrate the skin.


This fruit has a great effect on skin when applied topically to aid with eczema, but I noticed when I started eating this my dry patches on my chin decreased.


This leafy green has some amazing benefits being high in vitamin K, E, B, and C it’s a no brainer that your skin will benefits from it. If I have this with my fruit bowl I chop it very thin and sprinkle on top.


Kale is rich in copper which helps the synthesis of melanin and protects the skin against the sun. Definitely stocking up on this for the summer.


Vitamin C helps you make collagen, an important structural component of the skin, and 1 large apple contains about 14% of our daily value. Adding apples to your diet is definitely worth it.


Loaded with antioxidants, cucumbers can calm inflammation in the body, reducing the chances of puffiness and blemishes.

How do you eat your way to better skin?

Love, VT3


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