Why It’s Important to Test Your Limits

We all reach a point where we are comfortable with where we are in life and oh what a feeling. It feels nice and cushy and worry free. But what happens when that begins to fade? Have you ever felt unsatisfied and not known why? You look around, notice everything is in place like it should be yet you are still wondering why you just can’t be grateful. Of course we should be thankful for where we are in our lives and for what we have, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop there. When you’re just maintaining you’re not being challenged you’re not exercising your ability to do and be more.

When I speak about testing limits I’m not referring to intermittent challenges we take on for the sake of being challenged just to go back to our normal routine.  This is about choosing something you are passionate about that you’ve always wanted to accomplish, but you let comfort get in the way.  Short term challenges are a good way to spice things up temporarily, but eventually we will find our way back to being unfulfilled.

There are many reasons to test your limits, but three pretty darn good reasons are:

  1. You learn more about yourself – When we deepen our understanding of ourselves, everything around us becomes clear. When we accomplish something we’ve felt incapable of doing we realize the amount of power we may have given to outside circumstances, negative self talk, or even just pure laziness.  We learn how we act toward ideas that seem impossible and what our thought process should be the next time around.
  2. You grow – Once you achieve one milestone, you move on.  Your new normal is now elevated and you are no longer stuck and unfulfilled. When it is time to move on from this new height, you now have the been there done that and will do it better credentials.
  3. You will no longer settle – knowing that you can do better and push yourself to achieve something you’ve always wanted leaves you hungry for more.  Achievement leaves you energized and craving success.

Whether your passion is being fit, owning a business, or even fixing a relationship, we cannot expect to do the same thing day in and day out and get different results.  Something has to change. Start small with realistic challenges that will lead to the end result.  Even if you set one day aside out of the week to go all out on something, do that until it becomes your new normal and build from there. Start simple, start small, but most importantly, start.


Do you test your limits?



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