5 Ways to Have a Less Stressful Week

We all have a million and one responsibilities and it can be a challenge to keep up. With a few small changes you can be on your way to a less stressful week.

Plan ahead – Let’s keep it real. How many times have you wrote something down and then couldn’t find the piece of paper you wrote it on? Or you put a reminder in your calendar, but forget to even look at the calendar. It’s one thing to write down things you need to do and another thing to plan out what you need to do. With a plan comes action items and deadlines. The more we know what action needs to take place the less we are to forget or get caught up in our heads on what all needs to take place.

Carve out time for yourself – Give yourself some credit. You’ve listened to all the podcasts and motivational speakers telling you to keep grinding, sleep when you die, or hustle while you wait. You’ve been living by these rules for months and months, but haven’t taken a second to realize the progress you’ve made. Take one hour to get your nails done, jog around the park, or do some mindful meditation to recognize your growth and recharge your energy.

Listen to music – As you may notice, a lot of the stress you have is in your head. It may trigger when we start talking to ourselves and convincing ourselves of things that aren’t true. Clear all that noise with someone’s else’s voice. Let music do what it was intended to do; move and inspire.

Clean – Get rid of the things that make you stress. Plain and simple. There’s no sense of hanging on to things (or people) that aren’t positive. Sometimes we have to let go of jobs, people, and situations because they aren’t healthy and aren’t contributing to our growth. Let it go… let it go.

Go to the spa – What better way to transcend to a happier state then to be pampered? Even if you don’t want, or have time for, an actual massage you can use the facilities to take a swim, sit in the steam room, or relax in a quiet area.



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